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When?: Depending on the severity of the behaviors, behavior coaches will provide 1-1 behavior coaching anywhere from 1-5 times per week with sessions lasting between 1-5 hours.  Everything is dependent upon an intake assessment which details the child/adolescent’s struggles and determines how often and where the behavior coach would be best utilized. 

Who?: Any child/adolescent age 6-18 may enroll in our behavior coaching program.  This can be done by having the behavioral health case manager submit a referral to or by calling our office directly if there is no behavioral health case manager involved in your situation. Our office number is 480-275-4202.

Meet Me Where I Am

What is It?: As parents, caregivers, or individuals that work with children, we can all agree that sometimes the behaviors those we care for display are difficult to manage.  At New Horizons we have the Meet Me Where I Am (MMWIA) program which provides 1-1 assistance for your child/adolescent who is struggling to express their emotions in healthy ways and display appropriate behaviors.  Our behavior coaches are skilled in not only provided 1-1 behavior coaching for your child/adolescent, but also supporting the parent/caregiver in managing behaviors and implementing useful techniques to modify unwanted behaviors over time. 

Where?: Behavior coaching takes place where the undesirable behaviors are occurring which is usually at home or in school.  Our behavior coaches come to you and work around the child/adolescent’s schedule. 

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