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Our licensed clinical social workers are experienced and trained to to help with a wide range of conditions and traumas.

Sad Girl in the Window
Domestic Violence

New Horizons Behavioral Health offers a psycho-educational program operating in an individual and/or group format with trained facilitators. 

Counseling Group
Group Therapy

Group therapy provides a safe space for our clients to share and grow with the support of our staff while knowing they are not alone.

Therapy Session
Behavior Coaching

Meet Me Where I Am  program provides 1-1 assistance for those who are struggling to express their emotions in healthy ways and display appropriate behaviors.

Adult Students
Life Skills Training

We provide comprehensive training to equip our clients the tools they need to be confident and successful members of society.

A Supportive Hug
Day Treatment

We offer a day treatment program for those struggling with substance use disorders and dual diagnoses.

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